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Slide hardware, luggage hardware plating process and plating factory project

Slide hardware, luggage hardware plating process and plating factory project

Hardware products in the sheet metal is completed, usually need to go through the plating technology to add some color to the product, add a protective layer, not only can give the product a better look and smooth appearance, but also can make the metal products are not easy to rust, be corroded.
Through this article, we come to understand the plating, hardware plating (hanging plating) need what process?
The plating factory shown in the article is one of our project cases, in fact, QLQ has assisted many factories to set up their own plating factories, if you have the demand you can also contact us by email, we will provide you with the most perfect program and equipment, of course, we will also teach you the plating technology!

The plating of zipper slider usually has hanging plating and barrel plating, and hanging plating is divided into automatic and manual; we take the automatic hanging plating production line as an example.

The basic process of hang-plating

Step 1: we have to use the polishing machine to polish the die-casting machine die-casting out of the hardware products.During the polishing process, some wax is usually used, which makes the surface of the product smoother.

Step 2: After completing the polishing, we need to de-oil and de-wax the product processing, here you can use the machine has more choices, but we will generally use the trichlorine machinet(richloro ethylene cleaning machinie) for the operation of this step, because the trichlorine machine can be quickly to the surface of the product oil and wax impurities cleaned up, while the other equipment may not be able to achieve this effect.

Step 3: We will use the appropriate hangers to hang the product on it, because the specifications and models of the product are different, usually need to design a suitable hangers for their own products, so that the plating quality of the product will help, of course, if you can generalize the hangers are also very much.
Here we should pay special attention to the purchase of hangers must choose high-quality, high-temperature-resistant materials. For example, the titanium used in the hooks, the hooks of the exterior of the glue, because it is necessary to go through chemical treatment such as sulfuric acid, into the oven, so it should be able to go through the chemical tank does not lose color, into the oven can withstand temperatures of about 200 ℃.

Step 4: Hanging device into the automatic plating line, will go through more than a dozen steps of processing, some steps are repeated, here I just do a brief introduction: for example, we will first through the treatment of sulfuric acid, and then cleaned with water, will also go through the treatment of activators, through the alkaline copper tanks, etc. …

Step 5: To here step, our products have to be colored, such as nickel, nickel-free, gold, etc., according to their own needs to choose the operation
Step 6: After the completion of the color, we also need to electrolytic protection of the product, which is to protect our coloring effect!
Step 7: Dry the product, into the oven to dry the product.
Step 8: After drying the product should be sealed with oil, that is, spray a layer of paint on the surface of the product. On the one hand, the product is brighter, on the other hand, the product plays a protective role, not easy to lose color, corrosion resistance.

Here is a simple video of the engineering process.
Of course there are more examples of plating projects to watch on our YouTube channel.

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