QLQ-YSNPM3 Y Shape Needle or Monkey Pressing Mould 3 Cavities

Required machine: 10 tons pressing machine Available products: Y shape needle/monkey for 5-components auto-lock slider. Required raw material: brass wire or stainless steel wire for making needle/monkey.


Suitable productsYG slider, brass puller, slider spring, needle/ monkey, hook puller, flat puller
Suitable materiabrass, stainless steel, iron
Required machinepressing machine, punching machine
Mould material:

some important materials are original Hitachi.


  1. Exceptional Performance and Precision: Experience unparalleled performance and precision with our Y shape needle or monkey pressing mould. It ensures stable and accurate results, meeting the highest quality standards. Each cavity is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional craftsmanship and precision.
  2. Enhanced Production Efficiency: Our Y shape needle or monkey pressing mould seamlessly integrates into your production line, optimizing cycles and minimizing downtime. Benefit from increased production efficiency, reduced costs, and improved overall productivity.
  3. Customization Options for Unique Requirements: Tailor every detail of our mould to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s complex designs or special functional requirements, our mould offers flexibility and customization, ensuring a perfect fit for your products.
  4. Innovation and Excellence in Manufacturing: Our Y shape needle or monkey pressing mould demonstrates our commitment to innovation and excellence. With advanced technology and expertise, we redefine manufacturing standards, offering solutions that revolutionize your production process.
  5. Unleash Your Potential: Leverage the power of our Y shape needle or monkey pressing mould to unlock your full potential. Experience exceptional performance, efficiency, and customization capabilities, gaining a competitive edge in the industry.
  6. Step into the Future of Innovation: Embrace the future of innovation with our Y shape needle or monkey pressing mould. Its advanced design and precise manufacturing enable you to embark on a journey of continuous improvement and groundbreaking achievements in your production process.



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