QLQ-YGSBM Brass YG Slider Body Pressing Mould

Product Features: Required machine: 16 tons pressing machine Available products: Old type or new type brass YG slider body Required raw material: brass wire for making YG slider

YG slider body mould
2 cavity/mould

The cavity quantity is customized according to different casting machine power and slider weight.
Heat resistant mould steel,  DAC / FDAC
Mould size is customized according to the mould putting plate size of die casting machine.
Service life
more than 1,000,000 moulds


1.This mould is specially for making YG slider body.

2. The materials of this mould are mainly imported from Japan; therefore, it enjoys a long operation life span.

3. With its durable and accurate qualities, the moulds are popular in China and widely used in many factories.

4. Our factory has more than 20 years experience in this mould lines, so we can make any kind of moulds as you required.

5. Besides the good products and reasonable price, we can provide you professional and satisfying after-sale service by sending our technicians overseas for technical support.



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