QLQ-WZGM Automatic Waterproof Zipper Gumming Machine

This machine is used to apply glue evenly to nylon zipper or tape surface and then bake and iron to achieve waterproof and beautiful effective.


Automatic Waterproof Zipper Gumming Machine

MODEL NO.QLQ-WZGMN.W(KG)  400  M/C SIZE(M)4.5*1.2*2.
AVG OUTPUT2000Yards/HG.W(KG)480PKGS SIZE(M)4.06*1.32*2.3


Structure and Principle:This machine is soldered by 3mm cold metal plate, and most of electric components are imported. The machine adopts high-temperature bearing, imported heat insulation cotton, special tape running system, window-shades air supply system, tension control system, highly effective cooling system and advanced gluing system. Different zippers can be used on the same machine by chainging the gumming clamp.


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