QLQ-WWCM Automatic Waste Wire Crushing Machine

6 sets pressing machine need 1 set or 2 sets this crush machine.


Product Name: Automatic Waste Wire Crushing Machine

Model number : QLQ-WWCM

Summary : 6 sets pressing machine need 1 set or 2 sets this crush machine.

1. Efficient Wire Crushing: The Automatic Waste Wire Crushing Machine excels in efficiently crushing and processing different types of waste wires, cables, and harnesses. With its powerful motor and cutting-edge technology, it quickly shreds the wires into small pieces, facilitating subsequent separation and recycling processes.

2. High Automation for Enhanced Productivity: This machine incorporates high levels of automation, reducing the need for manual labor and maximizing productivity. Equipped with sensors, conveyors, and control systems, it can automatically detect, sort, and feed wires for crushing. The automated operation ensures consistent performance, minimizes human error, and enables continuous, uninterrupted processing.

3. Versatility in Wire Types: The Automatic Waste Wire Crushing Machine is designed to handle a wide range of wire types, including copper, aluminum, steel, and mixed wires. It can effectively process wires of various thicknesses and lengths, making it suitable for diverse recycling applications. This versatility allows for efficient recovery of valuable materials, contributing to resource conservation.

4. Effective Wire Separation and Sorting: After crushing the wires, the machine efficiently separates the plastic insulation from the metal cores. It incorporates various methods, such as air separation, gravity separation, and electrostatic separation, depending on the specific requirements. This enables the isolation of clean metal fractions and plastic materials, ensuring high-quality recycling outputs.

5. User-Friendly Interface and Safety Measures: The Automatic Waste Wire Crushing Machine features a user-friendly interface that allows for easy operation and monitoring. Operators can control and adjust settings, track performance metrics, and troubleshoot issues conveniently. Additionally, the machine incorporates safety measures to protect operators during operation, including emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and automatic shutdown mechanisms.



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