QLQ-SPIM-2 Plastic Slider Body Injection Mould Spare Parts

Plastic Slider Body Injection

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China, Guangdong, China

Brand Name:QLQ

Model Number:Injection Mould Spare Parts

Shaping Mode:Punching Mold

Product Material:Steel

Product:slider needle

Product type:Injection Mould Spare Parts



Plastic Slider Body Injection Mould Spare Parts

 1.  These spare parts are for plastic slider body injection mould.

2.Raw material of this mould can be high precise steel ,Stainless steel, Iron ,Aluminum, Brass and etc, and special material can also be customized.

3. The mould surface has been processed flat and smooth, which makes the products of this mould without injection shortage, shrinkage or deformation defect.

4. The mould is chemically heat-treated for surface hardness. And for it is wear-resisting and corrosion resisting, it can keep a long service life.

5.Quick delivery, small MOQ, and best after-sale service

6. .Strictly request of accuracy, it is our tenet to provide you the highest precision molds.


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