QLQ-RPMSH Rack/Hanging Plating Machine (single tank)

QLQ-RPMSH Rack plating machine with swing head


MOQ : 1

Lead time : 30 days

Export Packing : standard export packing

Usage : plating


1- MOQ of rack plating machine (with swing head): 1 set.

2- Available material of rack plating machine: Main material is of good quality, or as per customers’ requirement.

3- Workmanship: All workmanships are done by technicians who have more than 10 years experience.

4- Accuracy: Drawings are made strictly as per sample or customers’ requirement and our engineer who have more than 25 years experience can give you professional advice once we found there is something needing to be changed or improved for your samples. 

5- Inspection: We have complete quality inspection rules to make sure that all the products are in good quality. We will check material before production, check processing and size during production, check product size and condition by testing after finishing production.

6- After sale service: We will keep following up the product condition after shipment. We will try our best and help customer to find the best solution. We are the strong technical support of our customers.



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