QLQ-NLM Automatic Zipper Needle Loom Machine (12 tapes)

Machine Information

Model No.: QLQ-NLM

Output: 50-60KG/Day/20 hours

Power: 380V, 50HZ, 3PH, 1.5KW

M/C size: 1.1*0.93*1.75M

Packing size: 1.2*1*1.9M

NW: 300KG, GW: 350KG


Normally zipper tape weaving machine price is without bobbin. Customer should buy at least whole set + 2pcs bobbin for one set of tape machine. For example: if the machine is 10tapes, buy 12pcs bobbin, if the machine is 14tapes, then buy 14pcs bobbin .


1) 10 tapes weaving machine is for metal zipper and plastic zipper.

2) 12 taps and14 taps weaving machine is for nylon zipper.

3) Metal zipper tape and plastic tape can commonly use one set of machine without changing any spare parts. But nylon zipper tape should use another set of machine, and cannot make metal zipper tape and plastic zipper tape by changing spare parts because metal and plastic Zipper tape weaving machine has slot of centre cord, and changing too many parts isn’t good to the machine’s stability.

4) 10 tapes & 12 tapes machine could both produce 3-10# zippers, while 14 tapes machine could produce 3#-5# zippers only.




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