QLQ-MWWCM Drop Oiler (for Cooling Pressing Materials)

Drop Oiler for Cooling Pressing Materials


1. Precise Oil Application: The drop oiler utilizes a precise mechanism to deliver the oil in a controlled manner, ensuring a uniform and consistent distribution across the material surface. This precise application helps avoid excessive oiling or uneven coverage, maximizing the cooling effectiveness and minimizing waste.

2. Customizable Oil Flow Rate: To accommodate different cooling requirements, a drop oiler typically offers adjustable oil flow rate settings. Operators can regulate the amount of oil being dispensed to ensure optimal cooling, irrespective of the size, thickness, or type of material being pressed. This versatility enhances process control and enables the cooling of various materials effectively.

3. Improved Efficiency and Productivity: By incorporating a drop oiler into the cooling process, overall efficiency and productivity can be significantly enhanced. The rapid cooling provided by the oil reduces the material’s downtime, allowing for faster processing and increased throughput. This, in turn, leads to higher productivity and shorter production cycles.

4. Temperature Control and Quality Preservation: Temperature control is crucial for maintaining the integrity and quality of pressed materials. The drop oiler’s cooling mechanism effectively controls the heat generated during the pressing process, preventing material deformation, warping, or other damage caused by excessive heat. This ensures that the pressed materials retain their desired shape, size, and structural integrity.

5. Flexibility and Compatibility: Drop oilers are designed to be compatible with various types of pressing equipment, making them adaptable to different industrial settings. They can be easily integrated into existing production lines, allowing seamless integration without major modifications. This flexibility enables businesses to optimize their pressing processes without significant disruption or additional investments.



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