QLQ-HDCM1 Body of Nozzle for 15/25/30 Tons Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

Spare parts for 15/25/30 Tons Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine.

Product nameBody of nozzle for 15/25/30 Tons Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine
Length (mm)101.67
Width  (mm)24.56


  1. Precision Jetting: The well-designed nozzle body enables precise jetting of molten metal, enhancing casting accuracy.

  2. High-Temperature Resistance: Constructed with high-temperature-resistant materials, the nozzle body maintains stability in high-temperature environments, extending its lifespan.

  3. Streamlined Design: The streamlined design reduces metal resistance within the nozzle, improving metal flow and facilitating the production of high-quality castings.

  4. Ease of Replacement: The simple structure of the nozzle body allows for easy replacement and maintenance, reducing downtime during production.


  1. Regular Cleaning: Regularly clean the nozzle body to prevent residue from obstructing the nozzle passage, ensuring unobstructed flow.

  2. Maintenance Checks: Periodically inspect the connections and seals of the nozzle body to ensure proper functioning, promptly identifying and addressing potential issues.

  3. Safe Operation: Operators should adhere to operational procedures, use protective devices, and prioritize safety during operation.

  4. Selection of Suitable Nozzles: Choose appropriate nozzles based on production requirements to ensure compatibility with the die casting machine, thus improving production efficiency.



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