QLQ-DUVM Automatic Metallic Plastic Zipper UV Lacquer Machine

#3-10# plastic zipper can used on the same machine by changing the position located groove.


Automatic Plastic Zipper Shining Film Sealing Machine

Machine ModelAverage OutputTotal PowerVoltageMachine Size 
QLQ-DUVM400-600M/H2.5KW220V1.51*0.5*1.7 M

This machine is used to protect the metallic plastic zipper by adding UV oil on the shiny film.

This equipment is composed of thickened chassis with anti-deformation and high temperatureresistance, imported electrical appliances and heating elements, etc. It has scientificlacquer coating system, highly sensitive protection system, lacquer drying system andcorrection system.


  1. This machine is small and can be placed at a small place.
  2. This machine is easy to operate and saves energy and electricity.
  3. The zipper made by this machine is better than similar zippers cither in appearance or funetion.



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