QLQ-D51A Auto-lock Slider Body Die Casting Mould for Plastic Steel Slider

Required machine: 15 or 18 tons zinc die casting machine Available products: 3#,5#,8#,10# slider body for derlin zipper,nylon zipper and metal zipper.

D51 plastic auto-lock slider body mould moving core
Die steel, FDAC
It’s customized according to your mould.
around 30g/pair
34 pairs


1- MOQ of slider body mould: MOQ 1 set mould.

2- Available material of die casting slider body mould: Main material from original Japan Hitachi, Sweden ASSAB, or as per customers’ requirement.

3- Workmanship: Heat treatment from original Hitachi factory. All workmanships are done by technicians who have more than 10 years experience.

4- Accuracy: Drawings are made strictly as per sample or customers’ requirement and our engineer who have more than 25 years experience can give you professional advice once we found there is something need to be changed or improved for your samples. Moulds will be strictly made as per drawing. And we required our technicians to make as less error as possible so that the slider body moulds will run well and makes good products.

5- Inspection: We have complete quality inspection rules to make sure that all the slider body moulds are in good quality. We will check material before production, check processing and size during production, check product size and mould condition by testing mould after finishing production. We will test at least 500 shots for each mould. And we will offer ” Mould Inspection Report” after testing moulds.

6- After sale service: We will keep following up the mould condition after shipment. We will try our best and help customer to find the best solution. We are the strong technical support of our customers.


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