QLQ-CMBP Automatic Metal Zipper Cleaning Machine (before plating)

This machine is used to polish metal zipper teeth surface. The teeth can achieve mirror effect with decoration glossiness after polishing.


The machine is mainly used to wash zipper fast. There is no tape releasing process. The zippers can be applied on ironing machine directly after washing, which greatly save time and laboring cost.

The machine is soldered with imported PP plastic plate which will not be corroded by any chemicals. After washing in 5 tanks, zippers are cleaner, which helps to achieve better effect in after process.

Machine Model: Average OutputTotal PowerVoltage

Machine Size (cm)




1- Clearly cleaning without any chemicals remaining in tapes

2- Automatic absorb moisture from tape, and the tape can be used in ironing machine directly.

3- Save dewatering and tape releasing process, which greatly saves the cost.

4- Water consumption of this machine for washing every 10000Y zippers is 2-4 tons.



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