QLQ-CFM-3 Automatic Nylon Zipper Coil Forming Machine (horizontal type)

New model



Average output



Dimensions (mm)



3#: 3.6M/MIN


5#: 4.8M/MIN

7#: 4.8M/MIN

Frequency conversion motor: 2.2kw

 (56% power is used in actual operation)

Heater: 2kw

 (About 20-30% power on a stable operation)



Weight: 350KG

Automatic Nylon Zipper Coil Forming Machine


  1. The machine is in horizontal structure, which can effectively guarantee the smoothness in material supply and product manufacture, and stability of specifications.
  2. The machine is equipped with American microchips, which automatically monitor multiple steps in production, give alarms when problems arise, and stop the machine when problems continuously exist. It can record data of the machine by the control system and automatically calculate output and production rate.
  3. Monofilaments are fed by constant pushing force of tension control system which is calculated automatically by IC chip. Centre cords are fed by constant pulling force of machine stability system which has been patented. The above two types of material feeding are stable and coordinated, and thus the dimensions of products can be stabilized within a preset range.
  4. The cavity adopts an integral modularized design. The temperature inside is stable, and it’s long enough for the long screw to ensure the softening and forming of the chains. The thermal insulating layer can also reduce energy consumption and improve workshop environment effectively. And due to the modularized design, we can change zipper model of production quickly by simply changing the cavity.
  5. The screw is lengthened and thickened by patent design, which can effectively guarantee the forming of U-shape teeth of the chains.
  6. The screw and the center bar work without touching each other in the air, thus greatly reducing wearing of the components and prolonging their service life.
  7. The machine can work with monofilaments by big bobbin and small bobbin at the same time.
  8. For #3, #5 and #8 zippers, it is very easy to replace the transmission parts of the machine such as umbrella wheels and leather belts by changing the modules.
  9. Controlled by frequency converter, the speed of the main motor can be freely changed between the slow adjustment mode and the normal production mode.
  10. The whole machine is compactly structured and precisely processed. Its operating noise is just about half of that of the old model.
  11. The level of air for chain cooling is the same as that of the old model. The air compressor is no longer needed, replacing by the new energy-saving air cooling system.



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