QLQ-500II Plastic Injection Machine Horizontal Installation

QLQ-500II Plastic Injection Machine falls into our economic series with energy saving, high precision and stable features. It is made with servo system and greatly reduces power consumption.


Plastic Injection Machine (Horizontal Installation)

Screw Diameter(mm):75/85/95
Theoretical Shot Volume(cubic cm):1877/2411/3012
Shot Weight(g):1764/2830/2058
Shot Weight(oz):62.3/80.1/100
Theoretical Injection Pressure (Mpa):209/163/130
Screw L/D Ratio:24/21/18.8
Injection Stroke(mm):425
Screm Rotary Speed Max(rpm):132
Nozzle Contact Force(KN):140
Nozzle Stroke(mm):450
Clamping Force(KN):5000
Opening Stroke(mm):755
Platen Size(mm*mm):1175*1145
Space Btw. Tie Bars(mm*mm):830*800
Daylight Max.(mm):1555
Mold Thickness(min-max)(mm):265-800
Ejector Storke(mm):250
Ejector Force(KN):111.3
Ejector Pin(unit):12+1
System Pressure(Mpa):17.5
Pump Motor(KW):45
Heating Capacity(KN):31.7
No. of Heater Zones(unit):6
Oil Tank Capacity(L):970
Machine Dimensions(m*m*m):9.1*1.98*2.2
Theretical Machine Weight(KG):23000


Clamping Unit:
1- Newly designed moving platen is having much better rigidity and the force is imposed on platens more evenly. Thus the platens have less distortion and molding precision is guaranteed.
2- With gear mold adjusting device.
3- With auto oil lubrication device for toggle system.
4- Tie bar with coated surface greatly reduces wearing.
5- Patented structure of platen support.
6- Clamping transducer.
7- Multi-stage control on speed and pressure during mold open and close.
Injection Unit:
1- Nitrided screw
2- Double-cylinder injection and double carrigage cyclider.
3- Injection transducer.
4- Multi-stage contorl on injection speed and pressure.
Other features:
1) It is easy to operate, the small machine controller can be turned by angle of 90 degrees.
2) Slider hopper small machine.
3) Explosion-proof cable for high pressure pipe.



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