Automatic Nylon Zipper Slider Mounting Machine

Products Features High Configuration Model and Standard Configuration Slider Mounting Machines

Products FeaturesHigh Configuration ModelStandard Configuration Model
Air SwitchJapanese FujiDelixi
CylinderJapanese SMCAirTAC
Magnetic ValueJapanese SMCAirTAC
Air Pressure FilterJapanese SMCAirTAC
24-V Power SupplyOMRONMingwei
Zipping Guiding frameOxidized Aluminium Pipe + Extra thick zipper guiding wheelNormal
Line BankPure CopperPlated Copper
RelayOmronAIKS / CHINT
Machine BodyAluminium AlloyNormal Iron frame
WheelWith Four WheelsWithour Four Wheels
Material FrameAluminium AlloyNormal Iron
Advantages1-This machine has adopted the new way of sending slider, the small steel slice will not get broken easily.
2- This machine has the automatic unlocking device, if the size difference of pullers is within 3mm, there is no need to adjust the unlocking device


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