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The birth of the perfect Plating factory project and plating process

This is a hardware plating factory project built by QLQ Company.

After a series of careful preparation and unremitting efforts, the project has been successfully put into production.

Hardware plating factory

This electroplating plant has significant features and advantages, it can not only take care of all kinds of hardware parts made of different materials, whether it is common steel or other special alloys, they can all be properly plated here; and it can also meet the demand for the production of high-quality requirements of jewelry parts. The factory has shown great adaptability and professionalism in dealing with these diverse product types.

QLQ has optimized its processes in order to adapt them to the production needs and to ensure the quality of its products.
From the initial pre-treatment of the workpiece, which includes meticulous degreasing operations to completely remove oil and other impurities, precise and effective pickling processes to remove rust and oxides, to the intermediate plating process, where advanced technology and equipment ensure that the metal ions are uniformly and stably deposited on the surface of the workpiece to form a high-quality plating layer, and the subsequent post-treatment process, each step has been carefully designed and adjusted. The washing process strives to clean the surface of the workpiece of residual acids and alkalis, and the drying process is also efficient and fast to ensure that the workpiece can enter the next process in the best condition.
Meanwhile, for products with extremely high quality requirements, such as jewelry accessories, special treatments such as polishing and passivation may be added to further enhance the performance and appearance of the plating layer, so as to achieve near-perfect quality standards.

All in all, with its comprehensive product adaptability, fine process optimization and persistent pursuit of high quality, the hardware plating plant built by QLQ has set a good benchmark in the industry and injected a strong impetus to the development of the hardware and jewelry industry.

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