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Creating a Cost-Effective Manufacturing Plant

We provide customized zippers, zipper production machines, zipper production solutions and technology, starting with every little part!

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Zipper Production Solution Designer

QLQ is your capable maker of Quality zipper making solution supplier, For garment factories,zipper factories and other zipper supporting enterprises. We offer a wide range of zipper manufacturing equipment, slider molds, provide solutions and technical support, have zipper, machine and accessory factories. We offer customisation and technical services to present your brand's excellence to a wider audience in order to meet your commercial needs.

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If you need to know the zipper manufacturing solution or you need zipper production machine, please contact us immediately, we will solve your problem as soon as possible.

Zipper/Slider Making Solutions

Mould Design & Manufacturing

Plating/painting process design

Leather Chemical

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Our Projects

  • Zipper&slider

    There is a wide range of machines for the production of nylon, metal, and rubber-tooth zips, with advice on the most suitable one for your needs.

  • Electroplating

    We use the latest chemical technology and efficient processes to plate zippers, sliders and luggage hardware.

  • Polishing technology

    The selection of polishing agents, machines and materials are crucial for polishing zipper sliders.


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    About the Team

    ur core team has over 20 years of experience.,our core team of We have after-sales service centres in Bangladesh, Turkey and many other countries.

    Zip machine lead times

    Generally, high-end models and customised requirements have longer lead times, while standard models and machines with common specifications are delivered faster. Talk to us for the best quotation and delivery time.

    About Operating Techniques

    Generally speaking, we will record video guidance. We also can provide on-site guidance, take electroplating project for example, we will guide the whole process and provide chemical technical support.

    Our products are manufactured in China and we have strict quality control standards to ensure the quality of our products.
    We will pack our products professionally to ensure that they will not be damaged during shipping. We also work with many excellent shipping companies to ensure fast and reliable shipping.
    We have extensive export experience and a professional team that can handle all customs issues to ensure your goods clear through each country smoothly.
    Yes, we provide after-sales service support, if you have any questions or concerns about our products, you can contact us at any time.
    Yes, our products meet international standards and have the appropriate quality certifications.
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    “Choosing the right partner is crucial. Our company specializes in zipper manufacturing solutions, zipper machines, and zipper slider tooling manufacturing for many years and has a wealth of experience and expertise. By choosing us, you will get the support of our professional team and high quality, reliable solutions. Let's work together to realize the success of your project!”

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    Zipper Solutions and Success Cases

    The birth of the perfect Plating factory project and plating process

    This is a hardware plating factory project built by QLQ Company. After a series of careful preparation and unremitting efforts, the project has been successfully put into production. This electroplating…

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    Copper zipper alternative materials and stainless steel zipper plating problem analysis

    ·Commonly used copper tooth zipper Hello everyone, in this post I will share with you about copper zipper alternative materials and stainless steel zipper plating. ·Aluminum Zipper Copper is one…

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    Solution For Produce Metal Long Chain Zipper

    1. Produce Zipper Centre Cord–Metal Long Chain Zipper Step-1. Zipper Centre Cord Making 1-1QLQ-CC8M QLQ Guidance 1-QLQ-CC8M, this machine can make single twisted centre cord and double twisted centre cord…

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     Jeans Zipper Manufaturing Solution

    Step 1.  Gapping Click The Image To Zoom In   Automatic Metal Zipper Gapping Machine (long model)      1-Model No.: QLQ-MGM     2-Output: 2800PCS/60CM/H     3-Power: 380V,50HZ,3PH,2.2KW     4-Machine size: 1.95*0.80*1.90M   …

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    Shoes Zipper Manufaturing Solution

    For different Shoes, the zipper materials will be different , it will depend on the client’s needs. For example, we can use Metal zipper, Plastic zipper, Nylon zipper and so…

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    Solutions For Produce Auto-lock Slider(5parts)

    How to Solutions For Produce Auto-lock Slider?How to set up slider factory? 1. Procedure Produce Zipper Slider Pressing Parts (needle , Hook, Middle Puller) Step 1 Step 1.1: Pressing Mould…

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